It’s easy to see how waste can rapidly build up with a large number of boxes and paper that one is likely to use during a move. The Environmental Protection Agency says that about 1,580 pounds of waste are generated per person every year and a big percentage of it comes from paper and paperboard. When you are a few days from moving into a new place, you start packing and sorting all your stuff by deciding what to keep and throw away, and what to sell. For you to have a seamless moving process, it would be worthwhile to reduce the amount of waste you create when preparing to move. Listed below are tips to help you reduce waste when moving.

1.Use old newspapers towels, and T-shirts or old clothes to wrap brittle items. It will save you money in buying new packaging paper and also reduce waste since you will have to dispose of the packing paper after unpacking. Furthermore, you can donate the old towels to your local animal shelter for further use.

2.Don’t buy new boxes. Use the ones you have or ask businesses in your local area to help you with their leftover shipping boxes.

3.Use suitcases and duffel bags that you already own to pack clothes, linens, and other items. You will have saved space and use of boxes. If you are using a moving company, you can ask them if you can leave your clothes in the drawers as this would save even more space.

4.Once you are done unpacking, you can recycle your moving boxes or give them to neighbors who might need them or, you can get dumpster rentals to come pick them up. You can also give them to people who are moving.

5.For waste disposal utilize a waste management company to come pick up that pile you plan to trash.

6.Go through all your stuff and separate the items you won’t need. This will reduce packing boxes.

7.Hold a yard sale and get some money on the side while finding new homes for clothes, books, toys and other items which would otherwise wind up in a dumpster. Donate the remaining items to charities and children’s homes. Simply schedule a donation pick-up time and they will come take the remaining items for free.

Armed with these tips, you will not only save the environment when moving but also lighten your load during moving, making the whole process simple.

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